Sunforger Tent Canvas

Our Sunforger tent canvas is natural colored and 100% cotton, except where noted otherwise. It is also all marine boatshrunk, water repellant and mildew resistant. Under the “Type” heading, “CPAI” indicates that the fabric has been treated to be Flame Retardant. “Regular” indicates that it is not flame retardant. “Quality” of #1 indicates Grade A goods, and #2 indicates seconds or some small damage or stains to the fabric. If you need yardages other than what is listed below, please contact us.

DUE TO WEIGHT OF CANVAS, EXTRA SHIPPING IS REQUIRED.  Please call for shipping quote:  931-739-6061

Item# Width Weight Type Quality of fabric Price per yard Additional Info
SUN-101 35"-36" 10.10 oz Regular #1~SOLD OUT~
SUN-201 35"-36" 10.10 oz CPAI #1$7.50White
SUN-301 35"-36"13 oz CPAI #1~SOLD OUT~
SUN-401 35"-36" 10.10 oz CPAI #2$7.00White
SUN-501 56"-58" 10.10 oz Regular #1~SOLD OUT~
SUN-601 56"-58" 10.10 oz CPAI #1$9.50White
SUN-701 56"-58" 10.10 oz Regular #2  ~SOLD OUT~
SUN-801 56"-58" 10.10 oz CPAI #2$9.00White