How do I place an order at Period Fabrics?

Until we get our shopping cart online, orders must be made by telephone or email. Visit our Ordering Information and Contact pages to find out how to get in touch with us.

Can I get fabric samples?

Yes, we will be happy to mail you samples for $0.50 each plus $2 shipping and handling. We will usually be able to get your samples out within a few days and they will be sent via First Class mail. It is very important that you send the sample back to us when placing an order to ensure you get the right fabric. Doing so also allows us to give you a credit toward your purchase in the amount of your sample cost.

What is the width of your fabric?

The fabric widths vary from one fabric to another and even from one roll to another, but they generally range between 30 inches and 60 inches. The fabric widths are included with each fabric description. All our fabrics are priced by the linear yard, and takes into account the fabric width.

What shipping company and method do you use?

Generally, we will use UPS ground, unless the customer specifies another preference. The customer is always responsible for the shipping costs and we will do our best to save you money there, too!

What is Linsey-Woolsey?

Our Linsey-Woolsey is a reproduction of an original 200-year old fabric and it has flax-linen threads in one direction and wool threads in the other direction. We are currently out of Linsey Woolsey fabric, as the mill that made it for us has closed.

Where is your warehouse located and can we come by?

Our fabric warehouse is located in Middle Tennessee, about half-way between Nashville and Knoxville just off of I-40. You can find a map and directions to our store and warehouse on our other website,  Hamilton Dry Goods

What is Worsted wool?

“Worsted” wool has a smooth, hard finish to the surface of the fabric, not soft and fuzzy like flannel.

We do not have a printed catalog. This web site IS our catalog.
For questions or to place an order, please contact us at matt@hamiltondrygoods.com or call 931-739-6061.